If you missed Prof Edward Brown's 3rd Annual Masters, Pioneers, & Legends Hall of Fame dinner, you have missed one of the premier events of the year.  Held at the Continental Manor in Norwalk, CT, over 300 people attended to pay tribute to Martial Artists from all over the world. 
There was something for everyone at the event. Movie Star/Martial Artists such as Vincent Lin  and Pan Zhing Fu signed autographs and took picture.
Grandmasters such as O Sensei Philip Porter,  Sifu Winchell P C Woo,  Klaus Schulmacher of Germany,  Prof Eugene Humesky,  Sensei Bernard Gilbert,  and Sensei Kenneth Melbourne  mingled with the entire audience,  enlightening and entertaining one and all.
State and Regional leaders such as Master Joanthan Patrick,  Sensei James Carey,  Master Steve Voelker, Sensei Roger Perreault, Sensei William Connely,  Shihan Paul Cantin,  and Master Joseph Slaiman discussed regional events and happenings updating everyone on the current state of Martial Arts.
One point in the evening will not be forgotten by anyone there:  Prof Ed Brown's spectacular Breaking Demonstration. While he proformed many difficult breaks, his breaking the top two, and the bottom two, bricks in a pile of five red bricks, AFTER announcing it, caught everyones eye.
O Sensei Philip Porter, President of the USMA, turned the tables nicely on Prof Brown at one point....... and honored him with the "USMA Man of the Year" award. A well deserved award  for the man giving out awards.
One persons hard work and effort, that made this event so sucessful, should be mentioned....Frances M Brown.  Many thanks to Frances, Ed's longme partner in the arts and marrige, for working so hard for the rest of us.
Next year's Hall of Fame promises to be even bigger and better than this one, though that will be no small task 
Opening the evening - the USMC
Sifu Winchell P C Woo and Movie Star/ Martial Artist Vincient Lin
"Spirit ofthe Year" winner Crystal Taylor.
Sifu Woo and Master Joseph Slaiman talking about the "old days".
Grandmasters Pan Zhing Fu, Edward Brown, and Eugene Humesky
Sensei William Connolly, Prof Ed Brown, O Sensei Phil Porter, and Sifu Winchell Woo
Sensei James Carey, his wife Claudett, and Sensei Joseph McFerson.
Grandmasters Bernard Gilbert, Ken Melbourne, and Pan Zhing Fu.