Sen-i Dojo teaches four of the classic Martial Arts, as well as boxing. Each of these has its own teaching sylibus, requirements, and time frame. To follow the time line of each of these systems, especially when techniques overlap, would be very difficult and  time consuming. Over the years, we have developed an integrated teaching system which we believe effectively gives the students the most important techniques from each  system in a timely fashion, and still leaves him with the technical requirements for specializing in  any one art.
     Over the coming months, we will list the Technical Requirements of Sen-i Ryu Budo, our system of Martial Arts,  and try to explain the techniques, or waza, as best we can. As has been stated many, many times before, "You can't learn Martial Arts from books". If you wish to study, find a good instructor and stick with him. This section is meant to give our reader an idea of what we practice, an overview of another style, a new idea or two for your own use, or just a few minutes entertainment.
I would like to thank the students and instructors at Sen-i Dojo for helping with these photos. They spent thier own time freely trying to share something with you. Included are Roger Perreault, Larry Coleman, Israel Lopez, James Fiore, and "T.J." Dean.
     This section will be undergoing constant update. Any comments or advise you may have will be gratefully appreicated.
Sen-i ryu Waza
Rank (Click on rank to go to requirements)

Kyu Ranks

6th Grade Green Belt
5th Grade Green Belt with Stripe
4th Grade Green Belt with 2 Stripes
3rd Grade Brown Belt
2nd Grade Brown Belt with Stripes
1st Grade Brown Belt with 2 Stripes

Dan Ranks
1st Degree Black Belt
2 Degree Black Belt with 2 Stripes
3 Degree Black Belt with 3 Stripes
4th Degree Black and Red Belt
5th Degree Black and Red Belt
6th Degree Red and White Belt
7th Degree Red and White Belt
8th Degree Red and White Belt
9th Degree Red Belt
10th Degree Red Belt
*Note: Plain Black Belt may be worn for any Dan Degree