Who are we?
Over the years, Sen-i Dojo has had many locations. These links will take you to some pictures of a few of these as well as to some of the visitors to our school.
Sen-i Judo Club is a member of the United States Martial Arts AssociationUnited States Martial Arts Federation North American Taiho Jitsu Association, United States Taiho Jitsu Federation , International Taiho Jutsu FederationUnited States Judo AssociationMACKO (Melbourne's Amerian Combat Kempo Organization) and W.O.M.A. (World Organizer of Martial Arts).  The arts of  Judo amd Sen-i Ryu Goshin Do comprise the cirriculum. Sen-i Ryu Goshin Do is a blending of several arts including Taiho Jitsu, Okinawian Kempo and Hung Gar Fu Hok. 
Sen-i Budo Club was originally started in partnership with the City of Springfield at the Greenleaf Community Center in Springfield, MA.  It remained there for 3 years, offering Martial Arts to all Springfield residents for only a few dollars per month.  As Sen-i Dojo developed a dedicated following of students, it moved to the Grande Meadows Tennis & Fitness Center,  170 Dwight Road in Longmeadow, MA., where it remained until May of 1999.  This move allowed students to use the multi-million dollar fitness center at Grande Meadows, as well as the sauna, whirlpool, and other various training aids. In May of 2000, a fire destroyed the Grande Meadows facility and Sen-i Dojo was left with out a building until it's reopening on November 4, 2000.
The new building, was located in Haymarket Square, 1728 Boston Road in Springfield, MA, had a total of 3000 square feet. This includes 646 sq.ft. of Tiffin Mats, a 700 sq.ft. kata area, a small weight room, a locker room, and a visitor/waiting area equiped with T.V., VCR, and Stereo. 
The Founder of Sen-i Ryu Budo is Kenneth Z Miarecki. Sensei Miarecki holds:
10th dan Sen-i Ryu Budo ( North American Grandmasters Council (W.P.C. Woo), World Head of Society (M.I. Tianero) and the International Grqndmasters Society (G.B. Alcuizar).
10th dan Taiho Jitsu (International Taiho Jitsu Federation, United States Taiho Jitsu Federation and United States Judo Association)
9th dan Taiho Jitsu (American Taiho Jitsu Association)
6th dan Judo (United States Martial Arts Association)
6th dan Kempo Jitsu (Melbourne's American Combat Kempo Organization)
3rd dan Judo (United States Judo Association)
Master Rank Examiner Taiho Jitsu (United States Taiho Jitsu Federation, International Taiho Juitsu Federation)
Master Rank Examiner Ju Jitsu (United States Judo Association)
Senior Rank Examiner Judo (United States Judo Association)
Sensei Miarecki has been honored by the Martial Arts MP&L Hall of Fame as 1998 Master Instructor of the Year, 1999 Man of the Year and 2001 Pioneer of the Year. On February 11, 2002 he was awarded a Citation by the Massachusetts House of Representatives stating, "For your devotion to your community and your efforts to make the world a better place by teaching young people the values of the Martial Arts". 
The Sempai of Sen-i Budo is Sensei Roger Perreault. Sensei Perreault is an 8th dan and the most senior member of Sen-i Budo. He is an accomplished amatuer boxer and hold rank in Taiho Jitsu, Judo, and Okinawian Kempo. Sensei Perreault is the Head Instructor at the 16 Acres Dojo in Springfield, MA.
Another Senior Student of Sen-i Budo is Sensei Larry Coleman. Sensei Coleman is a 7th dan in Sen-i Goshin Do and Taiho Jitsu.  Sensei Coleman Began his study of martial arts under "Big" Sam Williams, one of the first competitors in Olympic Judo for the USA.
Also an instructor of Sen-i Judo is Israel Lopez4rd dan Sen-i Ryu Budo, 2nd dan USMA Judo, 1st dan USJA Judo  and 1st dan ATJA Taiho Jitsu. Mr. Lopez was honored in 2011 by the Action Martial Arts Hall of Fame for "Excellence in Teaching Martial Arts".